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  • AIDO


    The next generation social family robot

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    Measure air pollution wherever you are

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    Save the planet with shampoo

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  • rLOOP


    Travel from LA to San Francisco in 30 minutes

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    Project 180° 3D movies anywhere

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At Basware we believe the future of finance is based upon the ability to interpret opportunities for business growth and make cash available to take advantage of these.

It's why we're investing funds into one of five tech start-ups and need your expert opinion to help us choose which one.

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So what does this have to do with Basware?

Are you sitting on a potential goldmine?

Crowd-funding is an increasingly popular way for start-ups to raise the cash investment needed to make their ideas happen and help their companies grow.

However, for established companies, we believe the future of finance is based upon the ability to interpret opportunities for business growth and make cash available to seize the advantage.

Working Capital Management presents a huge opportunity for releasing this cash and driving growth within your organization.

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CFO = Chief Performance Officer of the future?

As the global economy continues to transform, companies face unprecedented challenges. Forward-thinking Finance professionals see these changes as opportunities to transform their businesses.

Operational excellence and accurate reporting is now table stakes. Today’s CEOs expect Finance and Procurement leaders to play a more dynamic and facilitative role, moving from static, rigid processes and controls to more adaptive, agile and resilient models that require orchestration rather than execution and control.

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Recognizing the Value of Technology

Tech will continue to revolutionize business in every way, and recognizing the value of the right technology has become a must-have skill in Finance and Procurement.

Basware’s CFO, Niklas Rosenlew, explores why Finance leaders need to be technology evangelists who can identify and promote digital technologies and as-a-service delivery mechanisms to standardize and integrate key processes, reduce cost of ownership and improve finance productivity and decision making.

Read our CFO Opinion Piece